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LED Recessed Lighting In Shower

in link below at home depot Web

it shows picture of LED light in shower area but can not tell which fixture are being used. can you advise which fixtures to use   for such lighting.

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Posted 2017-02-12T17:43:56+0000  by BADA BADA
The easiest and generally cheapest solution is to use a LED "retrofit" (basically the LED and trim in one) that rated for wet locations.  Depending on the manufacturer you may have to read the fine print on the packaging, others make it quite clear. 

If you don't like that option but want energy savings, then you can use any of the traditional show trims and an LED bulb.
Posted 2017-02-12T22:40:42+0000  by Adam444

The light that Adam444 is referring to is designed to replace the light bulb and the trim ring in a recessed can light fixture.

Shower trim rings traditionally consist of a metal ring with a glass insert, along with a gasket to seal out the moisture.

The LED Light will replace both the bulb and the trim ring with one unit. Just be sure to select one that is "Wet Rated" for the shower.

Of course, this is all based on you having a recessed can already installed.

If you don't have a can light, there are more options for you.

A Surface Disk light can attach to a junction box in the ceiling, negating the need to install a recessed can.

Other options include the Can-Free LED Light fixture. It has a junction box built in to simplify the installation.

The Home Depot has your options when it comes to lighting your shower.


Posted 2017-02-14T20:58:44+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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