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Laminate counter tops without backsplash

I am replacing  two 36" base cabinets to each side of a range - problem is that the range is centered between two windows so what can I do about countertops for the new cabinets? All the in-stock laminate countertops have a backsplash - and I have to have them fit under the windows, or at least not go over the bottom of the window sill. The old countertops on the cabinets I am replacing are "square" on both sides and fit tight under the window sill.  I really don't  want to go to the expense of custom made countertops. Could I cut off the backsplash? Any ideas would be appreciated!

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Posted 2010-11-30T03:40:56+0000  by pachambers pachambers

Hello pachambers and welcome to the community!  I can understand your dilemma – trying to match an existing squared backsplash next to newer rounded top backsplash under window on either side of a range.   This link shows how DIYers how to install a laminate countertop. 


The problem with cutting off the backsplash entirely is that the depth of the countertop may be reduced.  The distance from front-to-back will be shorter than the depth of the base cabinet.  When you clean the countertop, dirt and debris will fall onto the drawer handles not onto the floor.  That little bit of overhang on the front of the countertop makes a lot of difference in daily activities. 


I suggest cutting an inch or two off the top of the backsplash so the depth is not affected and the top “fits” under the existing window sill.  You can cut them (square) to fit under the existing window sill.  Trim them with a router using a laminate bit (found in the hardware department).   You could also use a jigsaw with a REVERSE cutting blade.  (It cuts on the down stroke and puts pressure on the laminate to go into the substrate to reduce chipping of the laminate.)  Use a FINE mill file to carefully smooth the laminate edges – file in the direction that pushes the laminate into the substrate.  Be sure to glue the top edge and finish with an end cap kit. 


You mentioned your concern about the expense of custom-made laminate countertops.  You could stop by the kitchen department and ask a designer to give you a free quotation for a deck top.  The pieces would be cut to size and easily slide into place.  The endcaps and backsplash would already be applied.  The cost of this custom made top may actually be cheaper that the cost of the in-stock laminate countertop, end finishing kits, and laminate bit. 

Best wishes on your project and please send us photos –before and after!

Posted 2010-11-30T14:18:21+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

I purchased and installed the Valencia Milano Rosso Laminate Countertop for a laundry room project.  Unfortunately, I'm not very happy with the result because the washer & dryer extend considerably beyond the 24" depth of this countertop.


Is it possible to order the same countertop (same laminate and ogee edges) in a custom depth?





Posted 2010-12-17T03:15:05+0000  by TipsyMcStagger

Hello Tipsy and welcome to The Community!  Thanks for joining – we are glad to help.


Congratulations on installing the WilsonArt laminate countertop in your laundry room.  The ogee edge treatment is a beautiful choice. 


I am sorry that you are not satisfied with your countertop depth.  I suspect that the washer and dryer have a depth of about 34” and that would be a considerable difference.  The good news is that you can special order a deeper top in the kitchen department.  Because of the depth, you will probably need a 36” deck with an applied backsplash.  The kitchen designer will need some basic information and your measurements (depth, width, countertop finish, and ogee edge treatment).  You will need to select a caulk to apply the backsplash (bath tub & tile in a white or matching color).  In a short period of time you will be installing your beautiful “appliance depth” countertops!


Please keep us posted on your progress and thanks again for joining The Community!

Posted 2010-12-17T16:33:05+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

I am considering replacing my current laminate countertops with updated ones, I love the prefab, because they are easy to do, and even cutting out a sink area I have help for, however, I have a peninsula that I need a peice for without a what????

Posted 2013-06-28T02:35:09+0000  by drugdoc
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