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Laminate on stair landing


I will be installing laminate flooring on two stair landings. The landings are not constructed like I thought they would be before I pulled up the carpet. I sanded down the high points but can't get each board level with the next (some are crowned, others are bowed). Since all the sources I have seen suggests glueing the laminate to the landing, not floating it, should I install a thin piece of plywood over the 2x6's to achieve a level surface?

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Posted 2015-08-09T17:38:19+0000  by GettingComfortableWithDIY GettingComfortableWithDIY
You have to check with the manufacturer of your choice of laminate to see if it can be glued down.  I don't see how a layer of plywood is going to fix the flatness problem.  Thin sheets, especially after their cut, tend to distort badly.  You don't want to use too thick of a sheet because it will change the rise of the steps and that's potentially dangerous.

I might think about pulling the 2x's and replacing them with plywood or OSB.  You'll probably need 2-3 layers, which should be glued/screwed to each other and to the stringers.  Again, you want to get back, as closely as possible, to the thickness of the the original wood (1 1/2").
Posted 2015-08-10T08:33:08+0000  by Adam444
I agree with Adam GettingComfortableWithDIY,

Safety on stairs is critical.

Changing the height is potentially dangerous.

Even though you have non-standard surfaces on your landings, you can still repair them without replacing them.

Use a palm sander with 60-grit sandpaper and devote one additional hour to smoothing the surface of each landing.

Use the long, flat edge of a yardstick to determine when each board is level with the next.

Stop periodically to vacuum the sanding dust.

This will be less daunting than removing the existing landing.

Once level and smooth, add construction adhesive and apply your laminate.

Completing this repair you'll find the same thing most of us find in all repairs ... the task only seems daunting!

In reality, 20-to-30 minutes using a palm sander with course paper and you'll have each landing smooth and ready to cover.

Our motto says it, More Saving, More Doing.

After this repair, I'll bet you change your screen name to ConfidentAboutDIY.

Let us know about your progress!
Posted 2015-08-11T21:03:57+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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