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Laminate over Concrete Subfloor

My Dad is a retired contractor and has installed many floors.  Unfortunately, this the first time he has installed laminate.  I have found mixed answers to his question and thought I would try here.  We need to know if he needs to put some kind of sealer on the floor before he puts down the underlayment.  We are purchasing Roberts 2 in 1 for the underlayment.  Some places said he needs a concrete primer/sealer, some said no.  Sometimes, Google is not your friend!

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Posted 2012-05-22T19:30:40+0000  by Shellie Shellie

Hey there Shellie,


SteelToes isn't in at the moment, but I can help you out with your question in meantime. = )


To answer your question directly, the application of the sealer for what you're looking for would not be neccesary as nothing is actually being adhered to the subfloor itself. The adhesive pictured in SteelToes' post is used for adhering one piece of padding to the other, not directly down to the floor. With laminate flooring, nothing is being held down to the floor, giving it a truly floating installation.


Hope this helps answer your question!~

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Posted 2012-05-24T14:15:17+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Hello Shellie and thank you for your question.


Shellie quick answer to your question is; NO you do not need to use sealer in addition to underlayment. Unison 2 in 1 underlayment relates to a vapor-moisture barrier and foam cushioning in one.

Sealers are used with glue down flooring installations where flooring its glued directly on to the concrete to eliminate moisture from ground bellow.



Hope this helps.



Posted 2012-05-22T20:17:47+0000  by George_HD_CHI

Okay, we swept the concrete subfloor and will mop it but he wondered if it would be good to seal/prime it just for good measure so the adhesive would stick best from the underlayment.

Posted 2012-05-22T20:51:20+0000  by Shellie

That answers it perfectly, thank you.  Now if our floor would just get here...

Posted 2012-05-24T17:38:06+0000  by Shellie

You're most welcome. Let us know how the floor turns out when the job is done = )


If there is anything else myself or any of us on here can help you with in the future, please feel free to ask.~

Posted 2012-05-24T18:38:46+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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