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Landscape lighting

I'm replacing pathway lights with flood lights.  The original system has power output of 108 watts - six 10 watt path lights and two 20 watt floods = 100 watts


I took off the six path lights and added only three new 20 watt floods and kept the original two floods = 100  watts.


When set to "on" all lights remain on.  However, when the lights are set to " dusk to dawn", they flash on and off at 15 second intervals.  After flashing for awhile, the light closest to the sensor, went out completely, the other 4 floods remained on with no flashing.


I removed and reinstalled that one and again all 5 lights began to flash.  At this point I took that one off and only have 4 floods and really need the 5th.  Could it be a defective flood light? Or something else??



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Posted 2012-05-02T22:26:19+0000  by gibson816 gibson816
Maybe your light sensor is too close to a light. Most sensors have a built in delay so your lights won't shut off every time a cars
Headlights shine on them. Just a thought.
Posted 2012-05-31T21:02:53+0000  by Jime
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