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Project Ideas: Outdoor Living

Landscaping around a pool

I have a 4' x 24' round pool and I'm wanting to landscape around it in a square fashion.
I want a 4' walkway with pea gravel and placing stepping stones around the entire pool.
I'm trying to figure up how much pea gravel I will need and how many stepping stones I will need.

stepping stones are 20.7 x 15.1 prism stone
3/8 pea gravel  
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Posted 2018-05-27T19:59:40+0000  by SandyRedhead SandyRedhead

Hello SandyRedhead and welcome to the Community.


A 24’ pool with 4’ add to each side is 32’.  Therefore, the area of a square that is 32’ x 32’ is 1024 sq. ft.

The area of a pool with a diameter of 24’ is approximately 453 sq. ft.

1024 sq. ft. minus 453 sq. ft. is 572 sq. ft. that you will have to be cover with pea gravel and stepping stones.

I do not know how deep you want the pea gravel.  Home Depot sells PEA PEBBLES in .5 cu. Ft. bags.  That equals a 12”x12”x6”.  For example if you wanted a 2” layer of pea pebbles each bag would yield 3 sq. ft..


572 divides by 3 = 191 bags of pebbles minus the area of the stepping-stones.


In order to find the area of the stepping-stones and how many you will need, I would need to know what pattern or what direction, you will use to place the stepping stones. (short sides together or long sides together).  Do you want the stepping-stones to touch or have a space between them?  I would need to know, do you want the stepping-stones to be right up against the pool edge, along the perimeter of the square or in between?


To do any more calculations, I would need the answers to the questions above.


If you can share more details, I would love to give a better estimate on the total project.


Thanks for your inquiry.



Posted 2018-05-29T14:29:55+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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