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Last Minute Gift


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The days are number now…just a few days left until the gift opening begins!

The holiday season brings gift hunters into the aisle of the Home Depot searching for that special gift, the gift that someone had wished for while doing the chores of everyday living, the gift that seems like such a luxury it would never be purchased by the person wishing for it....if you get what I mean.

There are gifts that dazzle and can be wore on special occasions, or frivolous gifts that can be used from time to time….and then there are practical gifts, the gifts that make life easier and dreams a reality….they are called tools.

Wrapping up a few tools for someone lets them know you really care, just something as basic a good flashlight, a nice compact tape measure, one that is easy to carry and keep in a purse or jacket pocket will be one day be totally appreciated.  A basic power tool; a drill, a sander, a jig, circular or a zip saw also a good glue gun are amazing gifts for anyone that likes craft projects, owns a home or rents an apartment.

Tools for auto repair or bike maintenance, garden shears, pruners and pole saws are gifts that keep on giving. Having the right tool for a job that needs to get done is reassuring and provides the confidence to successfully finish the task.

I work in the aisles of The Home Depot and I can attest to the fact that people wish for tools but will not purchase them for themselves, even if it would make life easier for them. “I wish I had that compound miter saw” and I have heard more than once “I wish I had a compressor and nail gun, that would make this job so much easier and faster”.

Think about someone on your gift list…could they benefit from having a specific tool in their life, would a certain tool make their life easier, is there a tool that will ensure their safety? How about a Home Depot gift card and let them decide themselves!

There is definitely a tool for everyone and anyone, and you will find it at the Home Depot. Stop by your local Home Depot or shop Home find the tool to make life easier, and a tool that  will help make dreams come true.

Merry last minute shopping,




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