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Latex or Oil Based Primer

I am replacing a 13 inch length of baseboard.  The replacement baseboard is smooth, unpainted, pine which I purchased from Home Depot.


I will be painting the wood with white semi gloss acrylic enamel paint.  This is the paint type for all of baseboard in the house.


My question is do I have l flexibility in the choice of a primer.  Can use either latex or oil based primers. 


If I have flexibilty in my choice of primers.  What would you recommend: a latex or oil based primer?

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Posted 2013-02-18T16:12:59+0000  by lionnv lionnv




Being from the "old school", I still prefer oil primers. On new wood, oil primers do not raise the grain, as do water based primers. Oils sand very well, leaving a very smooth, well sealed surface which will receive either oil or acrylic enamels well.


That being said, many of the new water based paints, such as Behr's Ultra will self-seal and give a good final result. Ultra does still require two coats. The first coat acts as the primer, followed by the final finish coat.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2013-02-18T17:25:17+0000  by ordjen
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