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Latex over oil: Could someone please outline the surface prep process?

We're repainting the common area interiors and doors of our prewar apartment complex.  Existing walls and doors are painted with high gloss oil based paint.   We would like to transition to latex for all surfaces, but also need it to stand up to wear in high traffic common hallways and apartment entrance doors. 




1. Can latex over oil be applied effectively enough to endure high traffic use in residental apartmet complex? 


1. What is the best process (step by step) for preparing the surfaces. I've read conflicting opinions, but the leading recommendation is: First washining with TSP, then sanding, priming with oil primer, sanding primer, then latex painting is most recommended. Can someone confirm?  Does it matter whether this prep if for walls or for preparing oil painted metal doors?  Is it the same process of different? 


3. Is sanding after primer absolutely necessary?


4. Is TSP absolutely necessary if sanding is necessarily also going to remove dirt and oil? 


Any detailed recommendations are greatly appreciated.  Thank you.



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Posted 2013-09-27T17:12:11+0000  by JGL JGL



You have been given pretty good advice. Traditionally, TSP has been used to wash oil paints because it dulls down the surface as it cleans the dirt and oils. It is very important to rinse TSP well, as it converts oils to a soap like residue which can itself hinder adhesion. A scuff sanding is highly recommended to again assure adhesion.


When it comes to preparation, an ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure. Oil paints were very hard and slick, presenting adhesion problems for even new coats of oil paint. Further, you never know what cleaning and polishing agents were used over the years which might leave residues.


Again, over the years, it was recommended to use an oil primer to bond to the slick oil paint. However, the newer pure acrylic enamels, such as Behr's Premium Plus Ultra, are capable of bonding directly to slick oil paints and varnishes without a dedicated primer.


Hope this has helped clarify your concerns.


Posted 2013-09-27T23:35:44+0000  by ordjen
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