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Lawn Help Please!



I purchased a house in San Bruno, CA (near San Francisco).  I have a small lawn in the front that is over run with weeds and yellow spots.  I know nothing about lawns but would like to make the lawn look good again.  My wife and I have been pulling up the weeds by hand, leaving bare spots.  The weeds range from what looks like clovers to what I think everyone refers to as crab grass.  (When we pull it up, it's a long yellowish brown root that has little green leaves/blades.  Is that crab grass?)  When I Google what to do, most sites say it depends on what type of lawn it is but I don't know what type the previous owner put in. 


We've tried adding fertilizer, watering it everyday, but there are still bare spots and yellow patches and a ton of weeds.  Should we just rip it all out and start over?  Should I spray one of the weed killers all over the place, then reseed with those bags of seeds that are good for bare spots?  Please help.  Thanks for any and all advice!

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Posted 2011-06-06T20:49:02+0000  by Riznich Riznich

Howdy Riznich,


With Spring here most people like to get their lawns in shape. A lush, green lawn in California requires proper mowing and timely applications of water and fertilizer. 

Thanks for including a photo of your lawn to help us figure out the best plan of action. It looks like compact soil, lack of fertilizer, and foot traffic has taken it's toll on your yard. 


The choices are pretty clear what you can do for a new lawn.


                                               1.jpg     3.jpg     4.jpg

1) Take out the entire old lawn(s) and re-sod. This is the quickest fix, but a bit more cost. You will need a rototiller to break up the ground, seeding soil for the new sod or seed





LL_SUB_seed in hand seeder.jpgscotts_sm.jpgsprinkler closeup.jpg

2) You can re-seed your lawn(s), this takes longer and save's a bit of time. Now remember, soil preparation is a must do before you do either one. You will need a rototiller to break up the ground, grass seed, seed broadcaster, seeding soil, and a good watering plan.


This is the link to how to re-sod.


This is a link for the preparation needed for your new lawn.


The next thing to address is: "what kind of grass do you want.


Tall Fescue is what most people use and St.Augustine is another good choice...but remember, St Augustine will grow much faster and invade gardens.


So now that you have the information...Happy Gardening!

Posted 2011-06-06T21:45:11+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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