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Lawn Help in Oceanside, NY

My back lawn looks horrible! I recently had a paver patio installed and the grass area 15-20 feet around it is dead. I think it could be from the heat and the fact that the workers were dragging wheel barrels around it with hundred pound stones for 2 days! I've thatched and want to reseed, but I'm also dealing with horrible weeds everywhere.


For a lawn of about 1500 square feet, how long would you recommend I water for?


What is the best seed between Pennington and Scotts? I've used Scotts Sun and Shade, but don't know if there is something better that will prevent weeds.


What is a good lawn food?


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Posted 2013-07-22T16:33:52+0000  by Ladystarr Ladystarr


Hi there Ladystarr,


I have a few thoughts about your lawn situation.


I live in Rhode Island, where we have just suffered a heat wave.  You are not far away, so I’m guessing you have had some very hot weather in the past few weeks.  Between the heat and the landscapers, that could certainly make your lawn look pretty bad.


Now, a few things about weeds...  Weeds thrive in intense heat.  Again referring to the weather, this can be a problem at this time.  It is probably not a good time to dethatch because it opens up the soil for something to grow there.  If the grass is not taking, then the weeds will move right in.  For future reference, it is best to de-thatch in the fall and re-seed right after.  Unfortunately, right now, it is too hot to seed.  For best results, wait until the temperatures are at a consistency of 70-80 degrees during the day.


You can use a Weed B Gon, for lawns at this time. 

Weed B Gone.jpg


This will kill several weeds and still allow your grass to grow.


When selecting seed, what is more important than the brand is the make sure you are purchasing seed that is at least 99% weed free and perennial for your area.  This information can usually be found right on the bag.  You will also need to select seed based on sun versus shade.


A healthy lawn needs 1 inch of water per week.  You can judge this by marking a can at the 1 inch level.  Run your sprinkler and time how long it takes until you reach the inch mark.  When planting seed, you will need to water each day however for existing grass, it is best to water less frequently 2-3 times per week and water deep.  This will allow your roots to run deep and in turn it will help the grass sustain a drought better.  When people water for a few minutes each day, it forces the roots to lift to the surface to obtain moisture.  This will then cause the roots to grow shallow and dry out faster.  The result…a dead lawn.


Lawn food- when was the last time you fertilized?  If it has been at least 8 weeks, then you can apply a

Summerguard Fertilizer to the lawn now. Summergard.jpg


When you decide to seed, I would use a started fertilizer at that time.


I hope I have answered all of your questions.  Please let me know if I can be of anymore help.

Posted 2013-07-23T15:28:24+0000  by Jen_HD_BOS
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