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I live in Chicago and have a small front and back yard, I would like to get my lawn in shape, so since the weather has been nice I just racked the lawn last weekend to remove all the dead grass and branches.  I have weds in the front and back yard, and would like to get rid of them, although I am not to concern with the backyard just yet because I have a big dog which is another problem in itself. 


 Question 1. Where do I start first?  Do I seed first then fertilize or vice versa.  Question 2. Should I start now since the weather has been nice or do I wait?  Lastly, how much time do I allow in-between the two processes?


The weeds are active I have clover, dandelions and some crab grass (if that is what it’s called).  I share part of the front lawn with my neighbor who does not take care of her lawn at all which means her weeds are starting to come onto my lawn, which again is another problem in itself.  Help

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Posted 2012-03-29T16:00:51+0000  by cdp915 cdp915

Hey cdp915.


Now is a good time for overseeding your lawn and a good time for killing weeds but not a good time for doing both. If your lawn needs thickening up then I would recommend that you overseed your lawn and throw down a starter fertilizer with your seed. I would wait on putting down a weed killer, for it can hinder seed germination for up to a month, which would take you out of your seeding window. Once your new grass comes up and you have cut it 5 times then you can put down a weed killer.


 A bottle of weed be gone is cheap and say, could be mysteriously put on your neighbors lawn, say in the middle of the night, somehow! I dont condone this, but...


weed be.jpg

Posted 2012-03-29T19:05:48+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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