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Lawn Spots

Ok guys i have had this problem for the last two years now.    I get these "dead"spots in my yard where the grass will not

grow.  I have noticed that my dog loves to go and start digging where these spots are.  Can these trouble spots be from

animals or pests of some kind?  I really want my yard to look good but when new spots emmerge my dog just rips up a new area.  It is getting really frustrating and i just want it fixed.  One last question,  how can i feed my lawn before winter?  I have always thought it to be kind of a waste but a neighbor told me it can be done.  Is this true?  

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Posted 2011-09-09T16:02:21+0000  by blackcaddy90 blackcaddy90

Greetings Blackcaddy90!!!


Welcome back to the How-to-Community.  Sorry to hear about your lawn problems.  I have an Idea on what is causing these problems.  From how it sounds it seems like grubs are in your lawn.  If the spots are turning brown and you see your dog or other animals digging in those areas it’s a good sign of them.  The best thing to do is to apply some Grub-Ex.  It’s a granular grub killer that can be applied with a simple broadcast spreader.  Make sure to do your entire lawn with this to help kill them all.  Grubs like to appear in early spring, then again in the fall.  After a week the best thing to do is clean up all the dead areas and plant some grass seed.  Since we’re entering the fall it’s the best time for grass to grow.  You can get a grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch combo for quick fix areas.  Just sprinkle it down and keep it watered.  Depending on where you’re located you should see grass appearing quickly.


When it comes to winterizing your lawn it has plenty of benefits to it.  It will help keep early spring weeds from popping up. It also will help your grass stay nice and green for next spring.  There are 2 winterizers to choose from.   There is winterizer and winterizer with weed control.  If your lawn gets a lot of weeds in the spring the winterizer with weed control would be the best choice.  You have some time still before you need to apply it.  The best time would be late October into November.  Just make sure if you live in an area that receives snow you get it down before it snows.  This will give your new grass seed time to grow and establish itself.


If you run into any problems feel free to write back.  Also if you would like to post some before and after pictures that would be great!!!


For those Grubs



winterizer.jpg winterizerweed.jpg               

This is regular winterizer                                         Winterizer with weed control           

Best Answer

Posted 2011-09-09T16:41:18+0000  by FlyingHDsod

I knew i must be some kind of pest .  Well i really appriciate the fast responce.  So i will first get some grub -ex and get rid of those guys.  Then i can seed where the patches where after a week and then seed.  Then the winterizer with seed control becuase my yard gets a lot of weeds in October.  Ok sounds good to me and again thank you for your help.

Posted 2011-09-09T16:58:45+0000  by blackcaddy90
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