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Lawn Weed Identification

Applying a Pre-emergent weed preventing herbicide on February 1st and September 1st is the ideal way to prevent fighting with weeds. However, when the weeds bring the fight to you, this is how you win it. With herbicides nowadays, knowing what kind of weed you have in your lawn is not as important as is was in the past. This is due to the fact that most of today's herbicides will kill over 200 different weeds, therefore we find ourselves asking the customer if it is broadleaf or grassy weeds that they are having problems with. These herbicides now work in conjunction with another herbicide called Quinclorac, which is a broadleaf and grassy weed killer. Here are a list of weeds killed by these products containing 2, 4-D and Quinclorac.



Some weeds are more difficult to kill. Wild Garlic, also called Wild Onion, has a thick waxy layer that 2,4-D can't penetrate. It also being a grassy weed, makes it more resistant to 2,4-D based herbicides. There is a product on the market that does a much better job at getting rid of grassy weeds like Poa Annua, Nutsedge and wild Onion, This Product is called Image. It also kills Fescue and Ryegrass grass so be warned.

Here are some of the weeds that Image kills.

Sometimes its good to know what weeds you are fighting in your lawn, so here is a list of the most common lawn weeds.

Bitter Sneezeweed




Creeping Charlie






New York Ironweed



Poa Annua (Annual Bluegrass)

Poison Ivy

poison ivy.JPG

Poison Oak




Virginia Creeper

virginia creeper.JPG

Wild Violets

Wild Onion or Wild Garlic

Yellow Nutsedge

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