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I am a new home owner living in Northern Virginia and need some help with my lawn. It is pretty small (maybe 20' x 30') and needs some help. It is mostly grass but we have some bare spots and a lot of weeds. Because of the small size I was thinking I would pull the weeds this weekend and seed whatever bare spots are left. Is this right? Assuming it is, before seeding should I spread out some fresh dirt? Also, does it matter what kind of seed I get (I.e. Should I know what type of grass is already there)? And what about spreading fertilizer, I would guess that I should wait till the seeds germinate?





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Posted 2013-04-12T13:33:01+0000  by kjschoembs kjschoembs

Hello kjschoembs,


You are less likely to have weeds come back if you spray them rather than pull them. You can take a section of the lawn that you want to save down to your local Home Depot and have them identify the grass.

After Spraying the lawn for weeds and waiting about 2 weeks you can rough up the lawn with a  rake and reseed. One of the easiest ways to reseed  a fescue lawn with spots ib it is called EZ  SeedIt is seed seed cover and fertilizer in one.There is also a seed-safe fertilizer if you decide to use another seed.


c1186e8b-0612-47ac-af15-0e46c0c67242_300.jpglawn rake.jpgscotts_Gold_EZSeed.jpg

scotts starter fertilizer.jpg

Hope this helps,



Posted 2013-04-12T17:21:02+0000  by Gail_HD_OC
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