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I have just moved into a home in San Antonio, TX that has a Bermuda hybrid lawn in the front and back of the house.  Both sides get great sun, the front more during the morning hours and the back more during the evening hours.  We are not currently under any watering restrictions in my city.  It doesn't look like the previous owners took very good care of the lawn.  There are numerous types of weeds growing in about 30% of the lawn in the front and 40% in the back especially around the edges.  There are also a number of very thin or bare spots in both areas. 


Question #1 What is the best product to apply to start controlling the weeds?  Should I start with spot treatment and then move on to a weed an feed?  Or is there a better method to get these weeds under control?


Question #2 What do I do with the bare spots?  Should I clear the brown dead grass and weeds and re-seed?  What prep should I do in these areas?  Should I wait until fall to reseed when it is easier to keep those areas wet?


Question #3 What should I do for overall lawn health?  Should I wait to control the weeds and revitalize the bare spots or fertilize now or later?


I can provide pictures and more information if that would be helpful.  Thank you all in advance for your advice.



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Posted 2011-06-22T17:40:43+0000  by splashjj splashjj

Hey splashjj.


I have a Hybrid Bermuda yard as well therefore you have come to the right person.


Hybrid Bermuda although a great grass does have a tendency to get diseases like Summer Patch or Dollar Spot. Here in Atlanta, this is caused by our drought, which sends the roots of the Bermuda up towards the surface looking for water. This will weaken your Bermuda making it vulnerable to many problems.


I deal these Bermuda lawns on a daily basis and have come up with the best solution for you. First thing you need to do is apply a granular fungicide like the ones below. When the bag says that it covers 5000 square foot, that is at a preventative rate. To kill a fungus you will have to double the dose, covering 2500 square foot.

immunox.pngscotts fungus.jpg

Second thing to do is to core aerate the ground. It is best to do this 1 day after a good rain or after a thorough soaking with the sprinkler system. Over time soil will get compacted and hard, making it where water will run off and not absorb into the ground. Core aeration will soften up the ground, allowing water to absorb, allowing your grass to get a deeper root system which can get hold of more nutrients becoming healthier. Check with your stores tool rental dept. for they should rent core aerators.


Third thing to do is to cover the bare spots with1/4 inch play sand. Sand will stimulate the Bermuda and although the grass is gone, the roots are still underground and will come up through the sand and it will send runners across the sand which is easy to root into. The Bermuda seed that is sold in the store is not a Hybrid Bermuda and is not as ideal as your Bermuda, Therefore do not put seed down because sand will fix the bare spots in a matter of days.


Last thing to do is apply Scotts Green Max fertilizer, if you have not fertilized in 2 months. It is a 22-2-2 fertilizer with 6% iron and it will green your yard significantly. Apply this right before a rain or water it in right after application. It is entirely too hot there to fight with weeds, for a weed killer will only hurt the lawn and should only be applied when temperatures are under 90 degrees consistently.


It is suppose to get over 100 degrees there, so continue to pour water over that yard as often as possible. Thank you for your question and thanks for trusting us with your yard.

green max.png

Best Answer

Posted 2011-06-23T13:24:55+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Thanks so much for your suggestons.  I will try it out and let you know how it goes.  If anyone else has more advice I am happy to hear/read it.

Posted 2011-06-24T20:11:21+0000  by splashjj
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