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Lawn trouble

Hi I'm a total newbie. My lawn is full of weeds what should I do first? I live in Los Angeles California.
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Posted 2013-02-06T01:19:44+0000  by Franke819 Franke819
Welcome most of us have been there, this is what I did and now my lawn is just shy of perfection, but you have to understand there is no quick fix, it will take time and money but when you get there you'll know it and will feel great knowing that you did it. First if you lawn has a large amount of weeds, too many to pull by hand the I like to use a weed and feed, brand doesn't really matter but stick with known brands. Read the directions and then read them again, especially if you have children or pets. After the weed and feed you will see them start going away rake up weeds as they die off, after 4-6 weeks, water as normal, time to over seed, loosen top inch of soil and spread seed either by hand or with a spreader. Make sure to read the bag of seed for directions. I like to cover seed with top soil, now is a great to put down fertilizer. This is my secret that I have had great luck with and everyone always asks what I do, after you put down fertilizer follow that up with a good cover of Revive, again read the directions, you should water that in shortly after you apply it. Everytime I fertilize I follow it with revive, do what's best for tour zone as far as what time of the year and how often. Also when you mow the lawn never cut more than 1/3 the length of the grass of at a time, if you do the plant with spend all it's energy on repairing top grow, and what you want to for the root system to get all that energy. Also I over seed almost every yer in the spring, I'm in zone 5. Once you lawn is full you will notice you don't get very many weeds at all, you are cocking them out so to speak. Good luck! Also when you get it established look into deep root watering, not for trees but for your lawn where you water for shorter times but more often on a given day, example water for 10 minis the wait an hour and water for 10 more minutes rather than 20 at the same time. The fertilizer I prefer is called jirdon green master which may or may not be in your area, you can always go with Scoots brand too. Note when you use a weed and feed if you seed too soon nothing will happen. What a weed and feed does is stop weed seeds from germinating, it will dothe same to grass seed.
Posted 2013-02-06T03:41:24+0000  by jwatkins82

Hello Franke819,


Jwatkins82 has some great ideas. I would like to add a little to it.


I live in the O.C. and it has been a bit cold for most of the granular or the spray on weed killers to work very fast, so don't be discouraged if it take a while for the weeds to yellow and die off. The sprays will work a little faster in the cool weather.


If you have bermuda grass or St. Augustine a good feeding will help to thicken up your lawn as well as the deep watering. Be careful with the weedkillers if you have St. Augustine, as they can damage that lawn.


Pre-emergents are best used here in California 2 times a year, once in August and one time in January. You may not reseed up to a month after using them, but they wil stop the poa anna and crabgrass.


Hope this helps,


Posted 2013-02-06T19:46:10+0000  by Gail_HD_OC
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