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Lawn water runoff

Live in Frisco, Texas, have an established lawn. Water 5 min, wait 1 hour , water 5 min 2x a week., It appears to me that I have extra water runoff into the sidewalk.  Is there something I can put on my lawn that would help the ground retain the water? Someone metioned gypsum. Thanks

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Posted 2011-03-27T16:02:15+0000  by rocky123 rocky123

Hey rocky123


Here in Atlanta we have to core aerate our lawns, for the soil gets so compacted and hard that water does not absorb, instead it just runs off. This loosens up the soil by pulling plugs of dirt out, allowing water to absorb deeper into the ground and allows the roots of the grass to go deeper, making it healthier. It is also a good idea to throw down gypsum as well, for this will help break down hard pan soils such as clay. Check with your local Home Depot store and if they have a tool rental then they will have a core aerator for rent.


Thanks for the question and welcome to the community.

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Posted 2011-03-27T17:46:16+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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