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Leaf Shredder

I would like to buy a leaf shredder to shred my leaves but do not want to spend alot of money.   I have a ton of brand new tools and can only buy one more light-weight one.    What would you recommend  I buy as a shredder that is of excellent quality, does the job well and costs under $100?


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Posted 2011-10-30T16:23:40+0000  by geminigal geminigal

Hello and welcome to the community geminigal.  I remember as a kid that when mulching or leaves needed tending my dad considered me the leaf shredder.  Amazing what a hyper kid and a rake can accomplish :robothappy:.  


There are a number leaf blower/shredders available on the website and I've included a collection of those below.  I have always had success with Toro's line of blowers personally. 


Toro 210 MPH 345 CFM Electric Blower Vac and ShredderToro 230 mph 390 CFM Electric Blower Vac ShredderChrisFixit_blowershredders03_103011.JPGToro Ultra Electric Blower Vac


I hope this is helpful and be sure to stop back often with any other questions you have or just to show off any projects you have going on.




Posted 2011-10-30T17:59:30+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Hey geminigal. Hortman here in the Chicago area. A hearty welcome

to the community. ChrisFixit nailed it with your choices of blower/vacs.

The one I would recommend you get is the Toro Ultra #51599. Here is the

reason why. The other blower/vacs have a plastic impeller (fan). The Toro Ultra

has a metal impeller (fan). When you are using the vac feature, the plastic fan can

get chipped by stones and sticks, which will cut down on the speed of the fan. The

metal fan will not be damaged by sticks and stones. Good luck with your choice and

happy shredding.

Posted 2011-10-31T14:17:03+0000  by Ken_HD_CHI
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