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Leaking door frame?

Rainwater is coming into the housefrom  under the doorframe from an outside door into the carpet. How do I fix this?( Yes, it's an old house)

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Posted 2011-06-30T00:07:54+0000  by shePat shePat

Hi ShePat, this is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man.

If water is leaking from under the door frame, the first thing to determine is where it’s coming from.

If it’s ground water, then the foundation under the door frame must be sealed with caulk or another sealer to block the water infiltration.

Try applying caulk between the door frame and the foundation on the outside. If that is not possible, try caulking from the inside. You will have to pull up the carpeting to do this.

 If the carpeting has a substantial amount of water, it should be pulled up and allowed to dry, to avoid the development of mold. Use a box fan or other fan to speed up the drying process.


Look at the bottom of the door. Is there moisture at the point? Does it look like water is coming in under the door above the frame?


 If so, replacing the door weather stripping will solve the problem. A drip edge on the bottom of the door on the outside would also be helpful.


I hope these ideas help solve your problem.


d076afe7-ef9b-4698-a5db-9a4d698f3dce_300.jpg  Door weather strip with drip edge

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Posted 2011-06-30T17:41:43+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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