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Leaking outside window, flashing or just caulk?

Window leaking and causing damage to roof. Where do I start?

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Posted 2013-06-23T02:36:53+0000  by marycate marycate

Hi Marycate,


I assume this is a second story window, and water is seeping in around the window and causing damage to the roof below. Is this correct?


The issue is the flashing around the window, or lack thereof.


The first step is to remove the trim around the window and determine which element of the flashing has failed, make the appropriate repairs and replace the trim.


In some cases caulk will suffice, however this is just a stop gap measure and the real problem should be addressed and corrected.



Posted 2013-06-28T00:02:37+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Flashing is better thank caulk if at all possible. Is there a possibility that you can attach a photo? 
Posted 2014-10-01T21:47:06+0000  by GregGKapitan
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