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Leaking spout in "garden" type tub

Hey all!  I'm new to this board and fairly new to home improvement overall.  I'm having trouble with my tub spout leaking and I'm trying to figure out the cause and then how to fix.  It is a garden tub, so the spout and hot and cold handles come out of the top of the tub on the corner.  I'm going to get a new rubber washer today to see if that helps, but I think the issue is more than that since it sounds like my faucets are still on even when I turn them completely off.  It is an internal sound I hear coming from the spout/faucet area.  I turn the handles as tightly closed as I can, but I've read that if the problem is more involved internally, wrenching the handles closed can make it worse. Also, I do not have a panel in my bathroom or an adjoining room, so it looks like I have to trun the water off at the main valve that leads into the house.  So, after all that, what I would appreciate is:


1. Any advice to track down the problem, starting with the easiest fix first and moving on to the more involved fixes.

2. Guidance once I figure out the problem on how to fix it the right way.  Not looking for a quick fix.

3. Let me know when it's time to call the plumber.  Hoping it doesn't come to that, but would rather invest in getting it done the right way if it is not something I can do correctly myself.


Thanks for ANY help!




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Posted 2011-02-21T20:39:04+0000  by go2grl go2grl

Hey Go2Grl I'm Blake from the california office. A leaky tub spout can be a real pain, but it might be an easy fix. Since you stated that you do not have an access panel for the faucet you are correct in assuming that you will need to shut off the main.


-Once the main is off, open a faucet on the first store of the house to releave the pressure from your system. 


-Remove the handles from your tub faucet, this is usually accomplished by removing a allen-head set screw under the handle, and pulling straight up. 


-Depending on the type of cartrige you can either pull it straight out, or (more likely) you will need to unthread the cartrige using an adustable wrench or you may need a special socket (availible any place that sells plumbing tools). 


-Once you have the cartrige pulled out you can take it to a home improvement or plumbing store for a replacement. Also, most faucet manufacturers (moen, delta, kohler ect..) feature a lifetime warranty on cartriges so if you can identify what faucet you have they will usually send you a new cartrige for free in the mail, this will take a little longer though (you can put your existing cartrige back in while you wait). 


-Knowing the manufacturer of the faucet or even snapping a picture of it with your digital camera can help identify which replacement parts you may need. 


-When re-installing your faucet be sure you get a seat-wrench to remove your old valve seat (when applicable) and put in the new one that comes with your new cartrige. 


-When you have everything buttoned up and tightened down, close all faucets in the house exept one on the top floor (farthest away from your supply) so that you don't trap any air in your supply lines when you turn your main back on. 


If at any time during the project you feel uncomfortable or unsure, do not hesitate to call a plumber, water damage isn't worth saving a few bucks.   


I really hope this helps Go2Grl, if you need any more help please let us know! 


Here is a link to a visual guide on our website that may be helpful to you: Visual Guide 


Posted 2011-02-21T21:39:51+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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