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Leaking vessel sink.

I may find an answer soon but thought I would post here too... My Auntie has a glass vessel sink on a granite tops in her rental. It now is loose on top of the sink and leaks underneath in to the cabinet of course. Is it as simple as that special nut and black o-ring under the sink? I need to remove it but am not sure which tool so I don't damage anything in process. I believe there is a special tool just for this purpose that you fold and it fits those ring nuts under the drain Pipe And the vessel?  Any info would be great... What tool I need and if there is also clear silicone inbetween the sink and the drain inside the vessel that I need before tightening? 


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Posted 2012-12-23T11:26:51+0000  by Ajpoolguy Ajpoolguy

Hi Aj


I think all it takes is some tightening of the drain assembly...


You don’t have to take it off completely ... you can loosen the nut on the bottom of it enough to where you can pick it up and pack a rope of plumbers putty under the flange. FYI flange is the exposed visible part of the drain located inside the bowl.


You want to use plumbers putty instead of silicone, silicone is not recommended for this application. Plumbers putty stays flexible and it seals two components to where silicone adheres to the components.


Wrench you're referring to is called sink basin wrench.

sink basin wrench.jpg




Almost all of the vessel sinks use pop up or push type of drains. I found that a motion of pressing on the stopper works the assembly loose over time. If you can find or buy and additional lock nut that will take care of the problem. Basically a second nut keeps the first one from unscrewing.

Also here’s the guide on how to install pop up drain that you may find helpful, also;

 pop up drain installation..jpg





Posted 2012-12-24T16:41:57+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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