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Leaky window frame

Yesterday's windy rainstorm revealed a significant leak in a downstairs window. Water came streaming in through the inside/upper sill breaking through the paint on the wood. I tired to replicate the leak and was successful. The leak occurs when I spray water onto the second floor window above. It appears to be coming through bottom window frame area of the upper floor window where attached to the house, then invading the wall interior. The house is clad in stucco. Ideas on the problem/solution?

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Posted 2012-04-01T23:17:26+0000  by billfishboy billfishboy

Good morning Billfishboy.


I have seen this situation many times and can assure you that the solution is very easy to execute. One bit of concern is how long this situation may have been going on.  You could have issues behind that wall like moisture - which leads to mold and mildew problems and possibly wood rot.  You may choose to have to inspected by a licensed contractor before proceeding.


The fix is as simple as sealing any opened cracks that may be allowing water in that upper window.  The first area to check would be at the very top of the window (where the frame meets the stucco) to see if there are any large gaps.  You will want to use either a pitiable colonized caulk like: DAP 3.0


Dap 3.0.jpg


Or just simply a straight forward silicone (possibly matching the trim color):


GE silacone.jpg


   Seal all opened cracks that you see - paying special attention to the top of the window and the sill. The water is most likely coming in through the sill area.  Notice any large cracks or gaps and seal them.  Open the window and look at that area where the sill meets the inside trim to see if there is a large gap present and seal it.  Lastly, look at the inside of the window track where it sets into the sill - water tends to sneak through this opening a lot. 


*Inspect after the next big rain to be sure that the window was the issue - sometimes the water can originate as high up as the roof line and travel inside the wall undetected for years.


Hope this helped.


Posted 2012-04-02T14:18:58+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
I sealed all the cracks with silicone. Much to my disbelief, it fixed the leak. We had about five inches of rain since then and it's dry as a bone!
Posted 2012-04-17T04:42:15+0000  by billfishboy
That's great to hear PaintPro suggestion worked. Thanks for the follow up message.
Posted 2012-04-20T15:54:01+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

This occurred today but  the temp  is 28 degrees.  I am planning on just letting it leak all night since the caulk temp should be 40 degrees.  The leak is from above the window in the kitchen.  Would the caulk work?



Posted 2012-12-29T23:11:29+0000  by lizd
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