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Leaning Palm Trees

I have two palm trees in my backyard that are leaning on my fence that will eventually cause the fence to fall. How do I upright these trees so that the will not lean on the fence? 
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Posted 2015-04-23T17:22:29+0000  by JLC111 JLC111

Howdy JLC111,


Without seeing the size of the palm trees it’s a bit difficult to give good advice. That being said I can take some guesses because you said it would cause the fence to fall.


1)      Using a stake and rope is a tried and true method I’ve used to help a tree to grow straight. This works best for trees that are not full size.


2)      I have used a 4x4 piece of lumber as a brace to support a small palm and it finally made enough roots to grow on its own. The tree is only 7 feet tall and was not going to damage anything if it fell.


3) Digging the hole wider and deeper will give you a new start. The only problem would be you would need some help from a few friends or perhaps a car wench to safely adjust the angle.


4) If the tree is angled over 15 degrees, it may be a good idea to remove and replace it. The danger from falling is not worth the risk and the damage usually is more than the removal.


Happy Gardening,

Coach Dave

Posted 2015-04-23T21:56:15+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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