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"Let's see your Vegetable Gardens"

Howdy Gardeners,


As the season warms up it's time to get started planting our vegetable gardens. This year I'm growing "Better Boy" tomatoes, Bonnie Green Peppers, and some Jalapenos as well.


Let's share growing, trimming, fertilizing, and other techniques you use to grow your vegetables. I like to grow small seedlings, medium seedlings, and large plants. This is so all the plants aren't ready at the same time.


Here are a couple of tomatoes that are doing well. I fertilize as soon as I see blooms so I don't get alot of branches and leaves that don't give tomatoes.

I weeded all the vegetables and then decided to fertilize them. I've used a couple different fertilizers this year.


I've just pulled every weed I could and then fertilized. After weeding and feeding, I water all the vegetables every other day.

happy growing,
Coach Dave

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Posted 2018-05-03T22:42:01+0000  by Dave_HD_OC Dave_HD_OC

Living in a condo with tough rules and regulations about what you can and cannot do, gardening of any sort is difficult. Seems the previous owner left a planter outside the door. At various times, other owners have stuffed the odd seed into it, but nothing seems to have survived.

I had purchased some baby sweet peppers for a particular dish I was making for dinner one evening and the idea hit me... Why not just stuff the seed core in the planter, couldn't turn out any worse than anything else. I let it dry out for a couple of days, then stirred up the soil a bit to loosen it and stuffed the entire core into the middle. Over the next couple of weeks, I thinned out the sprouts. This is the result:

Posted 2018-05-07T02:58:56+0000  by Paul
That picture is a couple weeks old. Getting ready to harvest the first pepper sometime this week I think. I've since commandeered another planter and have sprouted some lettuce. Had a bit pf a problem with white flies and the peppers, but a bit of diluted Dawn sprayed on the plant and a dose of organic fertilizer seems to have overcome their damage.
Posted 2018-05-07T03:01:42+0000  by Paul
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