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Leveling an existing lawn

I noticed a few low areas on my lawn and would like any advice on the best way to level some low areas? I was thinking of applying top soil on the low areas? If so, do I just put it over the exsiting lawn without any preparation? Seeding, etc? Any advice would be greatly appreciate it. I'm in the NYC area if it makes a difference regarding methods

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Posted 2013-05-22T04:01:23+0000  by nco107 nco107

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The best way to level a lumpy lawn with low spots is to take a bag of children's play sand [no other sand will drop smoothly] in s drop spreader and roll a little around the whole law-but concentrate on the low spots.

Water for at least 1/2 to 3/4 hour. The sand will gravitate to the low spots and the grass will grow easily through it. Use a second bag later if needed, water again.


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Posted 2013-05-22T17:13:03+0000  by Gail_HD_OC
You could also "terrace" the low spots if they are really low and make a problem a beautiful view point in your yard.

You have to take out some dirt and lawn and lay a drain pipe first then landscape cloth. Now you really have a low spot.

Add landscape rock or bricks (you can use landscape or concrete glue on each layer)

When the block wall is high enough to level or surpass the low spots, fill it in with a mixture of soil. Plant it with flowers and wait for the butterflies or birds.

Be sure it not too high as to reach your homes foundation and flood your house.
Posted 2013-05-22T20:47:12+0000  by mkb
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