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Leveling cabinet doors

I installed upper and lower cabinets in my breakfast room. They look good and are level. However i am very frustrated with the cabinet doors. They are not level and i have been trying to adjust the hinges but i still cannot get the doors level relative to each other. If I push the bottom up with my hand, they look level, but i cannot get them to stay that way with the hinges. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you
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Posted 2011-03-19T18:48:00+0000  by bjmeriwe bjmeriwe

Hi, and welcome to the community.


I have experienced the same frustration as you have with cabinet doors. As a result, I have tried every possible technique.


   Depending on the type of hinges that are installed on the are a few solutions that have worked for me in the past:



Recessed (or hidden) - there is usually two different screws that adjusts side-to-side and front-to-back. Each hinge will affect the position of the whole door, but more so where the hinge is located.




Cabinet hinge - these hinges require a little more manipulation when adjusting. The most common solution is to slightly relocate the position of the hinge. Remove all the screws from the hinge and reposition the hinge either up/down or front/back. Sometimes there is enough space in the screw hole that minor adjustments can be accomplished.




   * It's important to remember that when a hinge is not installed, it tends to be closed in a little bit more that when it is installed. The weight of the door will spread out the gap of the hinge by about 1/8 of an inch once installed. Some times you might have to get a little creative and add something like a piece of cardboard behind the hinge to "help it along".


Lastly; if the door actually moves up and down when you push up on it...then the hinge is defective and will need to be replaced.

Posted 2011-03-20T13:05:55+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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