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Lifetime Battery SCAM

The SLA is a bad faith scam. When I got my cordless batteries replaced, it took quite a bit of runaround. I properly registered all my cordless parts with Ridgid. When it came time to get warranty, their "system" had been changed and they could not find my records. I was finally able to get them replaced PER THE WARRANTY.


Now, when they need replaced again, they state that I got an email back in August of 2012 stating I had to re-register them. Despite having a record of emails from Home Depot as far back as 2007 regarding SLA matters, I have NO record of an email stating I have to reregister.


It's a classic bait and switch using a beaurocratic rope a dope scheme. The service center I talked with says that most of the people he deals with has had similar experience. When the class action lawsuit gets file, you can bet your a$$ I will be a part of it.

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Posted 2013-06-03T12:29:36+0000  by Myxlplyk Myxlplyk

Eric, we just received your post on FB as well & we'd be happy to reach out to Rigid for more details & get your replacement batteries ordered ASAP.
Please email us your shipping address & phone number so we can get this resolved today. Thank you!

- Nicki (


Posted 2013-06-03T12:43:28+0000  by THDCustomerCare

I fell for it too!! except it was for Milwaukee Coredless Drill.

can't seem to find where to send them back for replacement!!!

Posted 2014-01-16T21:25:51+0000  by Nexus
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