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Light Kit for Hampton Bay Amisky 56" Ceiling Fan?

I bought 2 of these GREAT looking Hampton Bay Amisky 56" Ceiling Fans (145-969; HG5626; HD146454) from Home Depot - and am now looking to see if I can get Light Kits for them.


The description (even now) says "Light kit adaptable for your convenience"... so how/where do I find light kits for this ceiling fan?  I cannot seem to find any for this anywhere I've looked...


Any help would be appreciated...  Thanks in advance... 




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Posted 2011-06-27T02:56:38+0000  by takabanana takabanana

Hello takabanana,


Welcome to the community, you picked out a really beautiful fan with the Amisky!


Just to make sure, I'm assuming yours is the one in the picture below....

Amisky Ceiling Fan.JPG


And now for finding the light kit for your ceiling fan, it's actually easier than you think!


Almost all ceiling fans nowadays that say they are "light kit adaptable" can take almost any brand or type of light kit that is out there on the market. At least with Home Depot, we sell various in-stock and special order light kits that can coordinate with your fan. In your style, it has this Art Nouveau/late Victorian style, I would suggest a universal light kit that we sell in our store that is a "candy dish" style by Hunter fans. Even though the light kit brand is different than your Hampton Bay, the way it is connected will fit onto your fan easily. Below is a picture of it....

Hunter light kit.JPG


I would suggest this light kit as the best lighting solution for your new fan. It's glass color and available finial colors will be a very close match to compliment your new Hampton Bay fan. If this choice is not the best, let me know and we can find another solution for you as well. Additionally, be sure to check out our special order catalog at our store for additional options too.


Thanks and hope this helps you out,


Posted 2011-06-27T14:19:15+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Hey aboveaveragejoe - 


wow - that was an awesome response (for my first post!)  :-)


I think the light kit looks good, except I prefer a ceiling fan light to have the following features:

  • Have lights (preferrably 3 or more) facing down towards the floor - to make the room be brighter
  • If NOT facing down, it'd be better if the glass (i.e. the bowl for the one you mentioned) was either VERY lightly frosted and/or have 4 or more light sockets to make the room very bright.
  • Allow CFL lightbulbs (My house is 99% CFL - I'm extremely energy conscious!)
  • Preferrably be very affordable.  Very.  :-)  Sale items are always best!  :-)

Any thoughts/opinions on the above?  Is there a light kit that fits my description or "style" (as per above points) better?  I wouldn't mind if you pointed out 3 or 4 different ones that you'd recommend... :-)


And yes, one concern would be whether or not the hardware colors between the ceiling fan and light kit would match (Cherry-like would be preferred).


Thanks a lot for your detailed response - I'm totally impressed!  :-)

Looking forward to your response...


Posted 2011-06-27T20:49:42+0000  by takabanana

I noticed that this Hunter Amber Bowl Light Kit says:

  • Uses two 60-watt incandescent candelabra bulbs
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs : No


Is it able to handle CFLs with candelabra bases, like one of these:

  • General Electric 75368 Energy Smart 13-Watt Spiral CFL Candelabra Base Bulb
  • Feit Electric BPESL13TC/2 MINI TWIST CFL Candelabra Base Ecobulb 

If so, then the above suggestion may not be bad (besides the fact that I am so far not liking any other option on the HD website)  :-)


Posted 2011-06-27T21:11:11+0000  by takabanana

Hello takabanana.  That’s a great looking ceiling fan.  It has a most unusual color scheme that is very rich looking!


Joe is right on saying that light kits are universal in mounting among brands. This allows a wide variety of choices in design to fit your needs.  Typically, the “bowl” style of light kits have tight space requirements for bulbs.  The reason for the “no” listing on compact fluorescent bulbs on this Hunter kit is because it is designed for the small candle shaped incandescent bulbs.  The 13 watt spiral CLFs have the right base to screw into the fixture but are much larger than these candle bulbs.  You could use the really small 9 watt CFLs, but let’s look at another option, since you want a kit with a different design and more room for lamps.


Finding a light kit with your fans special cherry finish will be hard.  Looking at the trim at the top of the fan, it seems that any light kit with an oil-rubbed bronze to black trim will match very nicely.

You can get an idea for other kit options online by visiting these two sites:


Progress Lighting:



I would also highly recommend that you visit your local Home Depot and check out their numerous special order catalogs for even more light kit options.  Any store associate in the electrical department will be glad to help you with this.


I hope this helps,


Posted 2011-06-28T15:29:18+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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