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Light Problem

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Cassaro 54"

Model: 735 022

Vendor No: 654033

SKU: 735 022

UPC: 043263 128999



Hi! Recently the fan worked perfectly with the remote. The light could also be turned off with a switch.Suddenly the lights stayed on. My neighbor has an identical fan so I'd borrowed his receiver and Voilá! , it worked.Only lasted 5 days and returned to damaged.The fan has two glass globes, one above the fan and one below. The above glass have a 6 set of lights and the below glass one light. The lights use a remote control dimmer. The fan speed works OK. What could be wrong?

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Posted 2013-01-14T13:17:37+0000  by spartacuss spartacuss

Hi, Spartacuss!

The technical support team should be able to discuss this with you & determine exactly what part is causing the issue. Please give them a call at 1-877-527-0313 with this UPC and they will be able to assist & order the necessary part to resolve this.

Thanks for reaching out!

 - Nicki

Posted 2013-01-14T18:20:42+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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