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Light switch?

Can anyone please tell/show(diagrahm) me how one would go about intalling a light switch that is in line with other lights? I only want this one light to be controlled by the light that the other lights that are further down th line are'nt affected when I want to turn this particular light off. Parallel circuit? Don't want to blow another fuse.

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Posted 2010-11-20T14:29:49+0000  by xc356 xc356

Hey xc356!


Im a Home Depot associate from the Atlanta area, glad you joined us on the community.


I have worked with numerous wiring projects such as your over the years and they almost always go by a case by case basis. In your situation, I'd need to know a few more things about how your wiring is set up before I can give you any diagrams or pictures of the wire, like placement of where the lights are and if you are dealing with all single pole switches.  However, if all the wiring works properly now in your house, you can add that light switch you want to that particular light. As always, safety first though make sure that any circuit breakers or fuses are turned off  before you work on any electrical project. Also, keep in mind the limits that circuit breakers carry in terms of what you can put on them. Adding an extra switch isn't going to affect the circuit load now insomuch as everything is wired correctly. The key to getting that independent switch is breaking the source line in the junction box where the original wiring is now. By that I mean, split your source wire BEFORE it reaches your existing switch and future new switch. With a new line of romex wire coming from the second new switch you can get your new independent light switch. But again, if you can discuss with me more on here about where your source power is coming from, if the switches are single pole (one switch now controlling one or more lights), and how many lights you have.  That will clarify any remaining questions for getting your project done.


Thanks again!


Posted 2010-11-20T19:42:45+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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