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Light switch change

The light switch at my front door has 3 switches. The furthest right controls a living room wall outlet. That outlet was originally intended for a floor lamp, but now my TV, and related devices are plugged into it. Naturally, it should always be on. To prevent someone unknowingly shutting it off and disrupting the entertainment center, I put some tape over the switch. This is unsightly and I want to make a permanent fix. I assume I could remove the switch and cap the wires. Would that be OK? Also I need a solution for the cover plate. Now it is a 3 switch plate, but I would need one the same width but with a blank on the end. Does such a thing exist? How else could I do this?




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Posted 2013-03-14T23:40:18+0000  by feffer feffer

Hello feffer.  Welcome to the Community!


Yes, you can remove the switch and connect the two wires that it interrupted to get always-on power to your outlet.

Please make sure that the power to that circuit is off before you do this, and use a wire nut to cap the connection.


After you do this, you have a few choices on what to do with the now blank space.

I have never seen a 3 gang cover with left and center switch holes and a right side blank, but you could make one easily enough.  Home Depot stores carry "sectional" cover plates which allow you to construct any combination of multi-gang designs.  Each plate is one gang wide and they fit together using ends and centers with tabs.  You would need a center switch cover, one end switch cover and one end blank cover.  These are plastic and come in white, ivory and almond colors.


Another option would be a blank insert that could be used with a decora style switch plate to replace the switch you removed.


Is this what you are looking for?





Posted 2013-03-15T14:13:22+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

that sort of switch plate does exist, although you may have to search for one since they are not that common.  you would need to wirenut the 2 wires that are attached to the switch together to give that outlet constant power.

Posted 2013-03-15T14:15:36+0000  by joshcameron

thx, I think that resolves the issue. I have common, non-decorative ivory plates on everything, so I want to match that look. I have searched online for that cover and haven't found it. I haven't noticed the "sectional" covers you mentioned, but I'll look for them next time I'm in HD.

Posted 2013-03-18T03:19:39+0000  by feffer
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