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Lighting replacement suggestion

I currently have a Family room with track lighting on along one wall, but its too dark in the room.   This room is about 20'x21' and has a sloped ceiling with 2 sky lights in the middle.  I was thinking of replacing the existing track lights with 2 recessed lighting kits "Globe Electric 90957 5" LED IC Rated Dimmable Downlight Swivel Spotlight Recessed Lighting Kits"  one on each side of the room (about 5 to 6 feet from the the left and right walls).  Does this seem right and would these recessed light be suitable for ceilings with insolation
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Posted 2017-01-08T20:48:45+0000  by John78 John78
Hey John78.

Recessed lighting is certainly a good option for modernizing a house. My kitchen had a recessed light over the sink and a flushmount light in the center of the room. I needed more light so I put in a track light kit with 3 lights and added a 4th light on the track. This made the kitchen too bright, where I had to add a dimmer.

I am not sure that taking the tracks down and replacing them with cans will make it brighter. Depending on which tracks you have but clipping additional lights to the track will be an easier, brighter solution.

The IC in the description of this can means insulation contact. Therefore this can will work where there is insulation. You want to avoid the ones that say NON-IC.

Posted 2017-01-08T21:21:12+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
Obviously lighting is very subjective and what I think might be too bright or too dim could be entirely different that what you think.  You didn't mention how many heads you had on your existing track light and what kind of bulbs are in them.  My gut reaction is that two recessed cans using PAR20 bulbs is nowhere near enough for a roughly 400 square foot room.  Now the cans you referenced don't list an output but most PAR20 LED bulbs put out about 500 lumens.  By comparison a 60 watt (equivalent) LED bulb puts out about 800 lumens.

There's a bunch of formulas for calculating the amount of light needed in a given area but one says for a living room "general" lighting should be about 20 lumens per square foot.  So that would be about 8,000 lumens for your living room or about 16 of the recessed fixtures you referenced.  That's just general illumination and one would add, say, table lamps for reading.  As I said, all of this is very subjective but I hope it helps.
Posted 2017-01-08T23:23:07+0000  by Adam444
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