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Linen Closet Door Ball Catch Repair or Replace

Recently I realized the 'ball' portion of a drive-in style ball catch on the top of our linen closets is missing, so just the spring is exposed. I assume it would be best to replace the ball catch on the door where it is broken. But how is a drive in ball catch installed..just hammered into the door? Do I just pry it out like a nail? I do not want to damage the door, of course. Any advice is appreciated. Here is the ball catch style: Again the ball is missing in one, not sure how it happened.



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Posted 2011-01-30T16:51:28+0000  by bokendweller bokendweller

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   Some times those Ball Catches are attached to the top of the door with screws. So get up on a ladder and double check the part. If it is the kind that is sunk into a drilled hole, then a stiff putty would work best. Gently pry up the edges of the part while rocking the knife side by side. Continue while alternating sides until you loosen it up enough to pull straight up. You may need some pliers to help you at this stage. 



   Take the part into the hardware department so that you get a new one matching the same dimensions. If for some reason the new parts don't match, then consider getting a whole new catch/plate set.  You may want to grab a small tube of silicone as well to squirt into the hole just in case it had become larger than before. After installing the new part (with the silicone wait until overnight before using the door.


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Posted 2011-01-30T18:47:18+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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