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Lofting bed 3-ft

Hello-- I am looking to loft my full bed ~3 feet off the floor, with the hopes of creating a mini hanging closet underneath. I am trying to figure out a cheap and safe way to do this myself--but am not particularly handy or well versed in construction. I was thinking some sort of combination of cinderblocks and bed-risers, but that seems like it might be unsturdy..


Any suggestions?

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Posted 2011-07-25T18:37:52+0000  by AllieKeller AllieKeller

Hello AllieKeller,


Allow me to be the first to welcome you to The Home Depot Community. This is the place to exchange information as well as creative ideas. So let's figure out how to do this safely and without going outside a budget.


Before cutting wood measure to make sure to measure length and width of mattress. The mattress should fit snugly. 

Here is a list of items you will need:


8    2"x 4" for the mattress support


6    2"x 6" for horizontal frame


4    4"x 4" for upright support wood


1    small box of nails/screw 3 1/2 to 4 inch


Closet pole with support hardware


support brackets like this:



Here is a plan I made for you that is basic but sturdy. I would make sure to use more than five of the support 2"x 4"'s. I think 8 would be better.


This is where the mattress would be set into...


Remember , you can change the plan to suit your taste. Reusing the headboard by screwing into the side will keep your from rolling out of bed.


After your done a good idea is to sand corners to make them splinter free and nice looking. As a final touch you could paint it and post some photos to show how "YOU DID IT".


See you in the aisles,


Posted 2011-07-25T23:56:14+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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