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Long Shoes Rack?

I am interested in building a long shoes rack for many shoes with small boxes for slippers. 2 levels shoes rack plus a usable floor level without attaching to the rack for shoes or maybe boots. A bench on top for sitting or just a small area on top for sitting would be a great. Some kind of camouflage the front to reduce the sight of clutter if possible but not a door because of open/close. Any suggestion? Thanks.

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Posted 2012-07-09T16:12:34+0000  by joea2 joea2

Paul is one of our community memebers who always seems to come up with innovative designs - I am sure he will have a few ideas.


You may consider a bench seat (like the size of a chest) and either make several squares below or run large wooden dowel across the middle to support the shoes.


...a crude attempt to illustrate:


shoe rack.jpg

shoe rack 2.jpg


Hope this helps. paiintpro.JPG 

Posted 2012-07-09T19:02:36+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL



Can I remove the bottom broad to allow more area for shoes? Am I seeing correctly that there are 2 broads on the top?

Posted 2012-07-09T21:08:18+0000  by joea2

Hello Joea2

To get started, I have some questions and based on the answers, I already have a couple ideas in mind.

  1. Can you take a picture of the space this is going in and post it
  2. What dimensions are you thinking about
  3. What kind of skill level with tools and woodworking do you have
  4. What tools do you have? Router, drill, saws, pocket hole jig, etc
  5. Is the piece to be stained or painted
Posted 2012-07-14T13:38:34+0000  by Paul

While waiting on a reply, I came up with this.

Boot Bench.jpg

It features two levels of shoe/slipper storage in front. Lifting the seat allows access to compartments that would allow storage of boots and other stuff. This is a very basic design, meant to be put together, primarily, with pocket holes.


Given some space dimensions, I have an idea for a shoe tower/bench combination that would work great in a mud room.

Posted 2012-07-16T02:10:50+0000  by Paul

The part of about camoflauging the front of this things has had me thinking over the past few days. I may have come up with a solution. A tambour door. If you think of a roll top desk, you're thinking of a tambour door. There are several ways to make them. One is backing the slats with canvas to bind them together and the other involves a pivoting joint, routed on a router table using three specialized bits.


This is as much a learning experience for me in designing this as it would be for you to build it. Got a bit on my plate right now, but watch here for a design over the next week or two.

Posted 2012-07-18T09:34:34+0000  by Paul
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