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Looking for Guidance and Supervision

Place:  Columbus, OHIO


I have several projects that I want to accomplish at my home, but I would also like to learn how to do them.  I am looking for someone who could come in and teach me some basics.  Any recommendations of where I can look?

First Project:

1) Finishing my basement


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Posted 2011-10-15T19:28:06+0000  by Homer_Raven Homer_Raven


Hey Homer_Raven


You have come to the right place for this project. Many of our professionals, including myself have tackled projects like this one, not only for ourselves but for our customers here in the stores every day. There are many steps to this project, so, some teammates and I are going to take this step by step. We are here 7 days a week to help you tackle this thing.


The first thing I did when finishing my basement was to make sure that I have filled any cracks in the floor or walls with a Hydraulic cement to keep out any drafts or water. For any large gaps I would use a tub of hydraulic cement and a trowel. This cement does set quickly so be aware and do not mix more than you can spread in 2 or 3 minutes. For smaller cracks, this comes in a tube for a caulking gun and can be easily applied. Once you have put this in the crack, I recommend getting a putty knife and pushing the bead of hydraulic cement down further into the crack to get a good seal and do it again immediately after if needed. Once everything is repaired, we will need to sweep and clean the area for our next step.

 hydraulic cement.gifcaulk gun.jpgputty knife.jpg 


Once all the cracks are filled then we will need to seal the walls and floor to ensure that water does not get in. If your walls are sub-terrain (below grade or backfilled) then this is critical, for water can penetrate these walls and cause huge problems. You can use the Latex Drylok or the Behr waterproofer on the walls and floors to keep the water out. For the walls you will want to use a heavy nap roller to apply it, for this will hold a lot of paint and help work it into all the nooks and crannies. You will also need a brush to work it well into the corners, especially where the floor and walls meet, for this area by the footers is a very popular area for water to work its way in.

 drylok%20waterproof.jpgbehr waterproofer.jpg


 Let’s get this knocked out and then we will move on to the next part of our project I will keep an eye out for you, keep us posted as to your progress with your project.


Below is a rough outline of the phases of this project. Let us know about any specific possible obstacles we might face ahead of time, for there could be some things that that we cannot anticipate. Give details also, like as to whether or not there is going to be a bathroom in this basement. Post us pictures as well.


PHASE 1:  area prep

Drylok walls, seal floor, etc…

Phase 2: Structure

Framing…Ceiling choices…

PHASE 3:  operation


PHASE 4: skin


PHASE 5: trim

Doors/windows/Trim, cabinetry, etc…

PHASE 6: coatings

Prep and paint

PHASE 7: floor

Floor covering…

PHASE 8: final

 Hardware, fixtures, etc…

Posted 2011-10-16T14:56:43+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL



Thanks for the response, but I am looking for someone to come in for a little more hands on approach.  I will, however, take a look at your suggestions and consider them.  



Posted 2011-11-01T02:02:29+0000  by Homer_Raven

Homer, contact the Ohio State University's Agricultural or Engineering colleges. I believe one of them offers a degree in Building Construction. I'm sure one of their students would welcome the extra income and chance to teach you along the way.

Posted 2011-11-02T09:25:04+0000  by Paul

hey, homer i'm putting up a wall and need some help


Posted 2011-11-02T14:48:35+0000  by alex27

Hello again Homer_Raven.


Unfortunately The Home Depot is not in the business of finishing basements but we do have the people in the stores that can demonstrate how to do each step for you. We do not refer people or contractors specifically but if you are looking for a reputable contractor in your area then I might recommend a website like Angieslist. You can get reviews on contractors and also check with the better business bureau on contractors as well. Wish I could be more help.

Posted 2011-11-03T13:52:42+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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