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Looking for a how to video

We are looking for a how to video for installing shower tile.  The cleark at the store said they were on the site here, but not having any luck.  Specifically, finding center and initial tile placement.  We were told to start at the middle using a 2x4 to hold up the first few tiles as they set.  Please help us locate video.

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Posted 2013-03-24T18:18:01+0000  by poody7 poody7

Hey poody7.


I am looking for that video for you. I found this post from earlier that I think might answer some questions. It has a lot of good content on it. There are 2 pages so look at them both and I will look for that video.

Posted 2013-03-24T19:07:02+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

hey pooty7.


Im still looking for a video on that. Here is a list of all of our project guides.


Here are the 116 videos that we have for bathrooms. I did not find one for tiling a shower.


I will continue my search!

Posted 2013-03-24T19:25:55+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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