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Looking for a product to give standard bear concrete a smooth glassy surface.

Want to take a rough concrete floor to a nice hi gloss, smooth surface, I need to know what product I need to this.

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Posted 2013-08-19T19:23:12+0000  by atama1513 atama1513

You will have to either grind down the surface with a surface grinder or apply a thin coat of concrete resurfacer to achieve the smooth finish you are looking for. 


RIDGID 7 in. Blue 12-Segment Turbo Cup Grinding Wheel   Quikrete 40 lb. Concrete Resurfacer




Once you have achieved the desired look - apply two coats of a clear gloss coat designed for concrete surfaces.


Eagle 5-Gal. Gloss Coat Clear Wet Look Solvent-Based Acrylic Concrete Sealer   BEHR Premium 5-gal. Wet Look Sealer


Posted 2013-08-19T19:49:48+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
There are several options:

1. Apply a concrete densifier, like the Armor L3000, the using a surface grinder and diamond grit pads, run over the surface increasing the grit each time. Start at around 100 grit and go up from there until you have received a desired level of shine.

2. If the surface is interior, you can use an epoxy infused acrylic (you get the look of an acrylic with the strength of an epoxy), like the AE Fusion Gloss, or a Polyaspartic coating which is stronger than an epoxy and very high gloss. You can get up to 10 years life out of a good polyaspartic.

3. If the surface is exterior concrete, you want to use an acrylic. 2 coats.
Posted 2013-08-22T12:11:52+0000  by FoundationArmor
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