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Looking for a woodshop - Poway, CA

Looking for a woodshop that could cut a small piece of thin wooden drawer insert. The insert is just a touch to big for the drawer. The piece is too small and the accuracy too important to use something like home depot free wood cutting service.
I'm located in Poway but willing to drive some distance if needed.
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Posted 2015-07-03T07:19:33+0000  by MargaretCA MargaretCA
Hi MargaretCA,

If you need just a touch removed as you say, why not sand it down to fit, most home owners have a small power sander or you could even sand it by hand.

If you are worried about maintaining a straight edge, mark the size you need on the wood, draw a line
across the wood to signify the the length you need, and than sand the wood down to the line.

Test fit the piece as you go along and fine tune with a little more sanding if need. 100 grit sand paper will do the job just fine.

Wrap the paper around a wooden block to maintain an even edge.

Posted 2015-07-07T00:02:55+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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