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Looking for color suggestions - retail book store.

Getting ready to repaint the interior of my book store. I was hoping someone might offer color suggestions to help entice customers to enter. 

Thanks in Advance!

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Posted 2012-11-01T23:11:20+0000  by BookWarehouse BookWarehouse

Howdy BookWarehouse,


Welcome to the Home Depot Community for starters. I hope you can get inspiration for your project and in return, give the same others in the future.


The paint Americans have used in the past were for reasons more than a look. The colors chosen usually are to express what the space is about.  Your bookstore paint colors will serve as a personal expression of of taste, values, and mood.


If your bookstore is about a vintage look that will offer an atmosphere of old world calm reflection, I like muted colors like these that a Glidden swatch had on it like this:


           pallet.jpg          oldhome.JPG


Perhaps you have something else that catches your eye?...with bookstores having everything from: ancient,eclectic, and even futuristic it's hard to visualize what your goal is.


I've got a grand idea, why not post some photos of the interior of your bookstore before, during, and after so we all can contribute our ideas. I would also like to see how it turned out to see a project happened from concept to completion.


Happy Painting,

Posted 2012-11-02T01:52:18+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

do you have some suggestions for a stairwell.  Something neutral

Posted 2012-12-20T05:29:08+0000  by usfbay
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