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Looking for kitchen sink with drains included; biscuit color; composite. Do they exist?

Do any of the kitchen sinks come with drains (which add about $60 to final cost)? We need a basic, two-sink drop in, single or multiple holes, biscuit-type color, standard size (32x22 and 8-9 inches deep).  Are drains always an add-on cost?  Thanks.  

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Posted 2013-12-11T23:50:40+0000  by RickandBeck RickandBeck

Hello RickandBeck and welcome to the community!


The sinks typically do not come with new drains because some people will reuse their old drain, and manufactures are always trying to keep the costs down as well. 


I did a search and found some sinks on our website that came with drains, and I found one with the size you were looking for, hope this helps. 


Posted 2013-12-12T18:17:55+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

Hello RickandBeck and welcome to the Community.


The size of 32” wide kitchen sink removes you from the basic category.  If you could use a 33” wide sink your options would greatly increase.  Is it possible to increase your rough opening size?


 That being said on the internet under category of Composite, top mounted, double bowl, 33”x22”x9”, I found a model by Mont Blanc, in a desert sand color, that would meet all your parameters except for the 32” width. Please see attached link.   

I also found an acrylic 33”x22”x9” sink by Thermocast  Brighton model available in 28 colors that is a bit more economical and one that may be even better for your budget is the Thermocast  Beaumont  acrylic, in bone color.


None of the afford mentioned sink come with a drain.


If you are restricted to that 32” width I would contact a kitchen Design specialist at your local Home Depot, where they have additional resources.

If I can be of further assistance please drop me an Email.



I am a Home Depot Associate trained and authorized to help people on the internet.

Posted 2013-12-12T19:19:18+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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