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Looking for manual for ceiling fan

I have a fan that came with our house.  There is no name on it, but googling the #'s found on the sticker on the top shows it should be a Hampton Bay fan that came from Home Depot (model number: AC-552A and a UPC: 718212043721).


I can't find a manual online and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to switch directions on the fan.  There is no switch on the fan itself (something I've seen mentioned on other sites) and it has a wireless remote that is mounted into the wall .  On the wireless remote there are High/Med/Low fan settings and a light on/off.  Our fan has a light fixture, which this forum thread indicates was an accessory.  How do you change the direction of the fan for winter/summer?  Right now it is set for summer but with the cool months coming on I would like to change it.  My guess is some combination of buttons?  


I've attached an image of the remote.  Thanks!Remote

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Posted 2012-11-09T00:48:00+0000  by jefisher jefisher

Attached is also the sticker found on top of the

Posted 2012-11-09T00:54:00+0000  by jefisher

Hi, Jeff!

Thanks so much for locating that UPC, it helps immensely.

Yes if there is no manual switch on the fan itself, it should be able to be done by a combination of buttons on the wall mount. The fan may have came with a handheld remote & it most likely had the actual reverse button on it, but the previous owners may have opted to replace the handheld with a universal wall switch (& no universal remotes have the reverse option).

By locating your UPC, I can provide you the direct number to the tech support department (1-800-307-3267) who will be able to advise how to reverse the fan & also email or mail you the instructions. :)

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thanks, Nicki

Posted 2012-11-09T14:32:48+0000  by THDCustomerCare

Wow, this was a total shot in the dark. Thanks!!

Posted 2012-11-09T21:02:52+0000  by jefisher
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