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Looking for recommendation of a Natural Gas/Charcoal grill; small capacity is fine. TKS!!!

Looking for recommendation of a Natural Gas/Charcoal grill; small capacity is fine.  TKS!!!

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Posted 2013-10-01T16:26:15+0000  by Majic Majic

Hi Majic,


Why limit yourself? You can have your convenience and slow roast, too!


The Home Depot offers several Dual Function Grills that give you the best of all grilling styles.


Dual Function 3-Burner Propane Gas / Charcoal Grill and SmokerDual Function II Propane Gas and Charcoal GrillTriple Function Propane Gas / Charcoal Grill and SmokerTriple Function Gas/Charcoal Grill and Smoker


Gas gives the speedy warm up and controllable temperatures with the easily adjustable burners.


Charcoal lends itself to flavorful meats and vegetables from smokey, long burning fuel.


With all these desirable features, who could choose between?! And why?



Happy Grilling! And Welcome to The Community!!!




Posted 2013-10-01T16:46:23+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

I like the idea, but you did not includ the names/model numbers so I could read about them.

Posted 2013-10-01T17:11:46+0000  by Majic
let me further 'splain... I see the link, but that just gives me a general category and includes all gas grill types. I am specifically looking for a Natural Gas/Charcoal combination. Small is ok- actually preferred.
Posted 2013-10-01T17:13:51+0000  by Majic

Dual function grilling presents several challenges for grill manufacturers to overcome. 


First and foremost is the fact that the charcoal embers will create a forge like heat that will melt the burners associated with gas grilling. That's why charcoal is never recommended to be added to gas grills, even to those that utilize ceramic briquettes.


The dual function grills that we currently offer are dual headed units that separate the cooking boxes of each fuel type. The size of each box is half of the total grill capacity, but from your statements, it seems that this is preferable for you. Plus, both sides of the grill can be cooked on simultaneously.


As far as Natural Gas is concerned, The Home Depot does not offer a dual function, Natural Gas grill at this time. Nor do any of the propane fueled ones convert to natural gas.


Propane gas grills give long cooking times of 10 to 20 cooking hours per 20 pound tank. Propane tanks also allow the grill to be portable since it is self contained on the grill. You can move the grill farther away from the house when the charcoal gets smokey.


The link in the previous post is for Dual Function specifically, and we offer Natural Gas Grills, but not in conjunction with charcoal grills at this time.






Posted 2013-10-01T18:14:01+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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