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Looking to soundproof chairs - furniture glides or chair glides?

I have loud kitchen chairs that screech like crazy when I pull them out. The downstairs neighbor is very patient but I'd like to help the situation. In the past, I've put on the sticky pads that go on the bottom of my chair legs. These new chairs have a little round piece mounted on the bottom. Hard to describe, but the roundness makes it impossible to put a sticker on them. It will fall off within minutes. Those pads are for flat chair leg bottoms. Any ideas for a solution? Thanks!
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Posted 2015-06-15T18:37:10+0000  by rwalia99 rwalia99
Hi rwalia99,

The round pieces on the bottom of the chair legs are called glides, these protect the chair legs from damaged when they are moved about the room.

These glides are usually installed using a single nail head and can be removed and replaced. You can purchase at your local Home Depot new glides that are flat and have felt pads on the bottom.

These can be installed on your chairs just like the original glides were installed, each has a single nail head and can be tapped into place on the bottom of the chair leg.

If you are unsure on how to remove the old glides and install the new ones, just take a picture of the chair legs and show it to the hardware associates at your local Home Depot. They will assist you in explaining how to install the new ones.

Posted 2015-06-15T19:34:22+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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