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Lots of questions lets start with the ceiling

I'm trying to get my house ready for renting....I have lots of questions but let me start with this....

in my back bathroom I have this little corner that the ceiling is kind of peeled back....I've never repaired anything

in my least house I need away to repair it thats easy to do and simple that doesnt cost alot

if someone can kinda tell me what to do about that and maybe step by step how to instructions that would be really helpful


Second question


tile flooring I know theres adhesive strip tiles you can buy I dont have a clue how to put those down to

look right....please any step by step on how to make that work without costing alot would be appreciated





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Posted 2011-01-09T19:35:48+0000  by destinyrk2 destinyrk2

Hello Destinyrk2 and welcome to the community.


Destiny, learning how to do “house repair stuff” takes patience and a lots of questions so please feel free to ask anything that you are unsure of, we are here to help and we love questions.


Before I get to answering questions I would first recommend finding out what is causing the paint to peel. Flaking paint is almost always caused by moisture or water penetration.


Start of inspecting the area around the corner and look for the water damage. If this corner is above the attic areas assure there is proper ventilation in the attic and that there is no roof leaks.

Also in addition assure there is a bathroom fan, bathrooms without the exhaust fan that can draw out hot and moist air usually suffer from moisture problems and flaking paint.


To repair the damaged corner you would first need to scrape of all of the peeling paint. Once you have loose paint removed prepare the scraped areas with a stainblocking interior / exterior water-based primer. This will help with

adhesion of the drywall compound and in addition will seal the drywall.





Once the primer dries you can proceed and patch the  scraped areas with drywall compound. For this purpose I recommend using all purpose joint compound with dust control. This product provides low shrinkage and  it weights 35% less than conventional compounds.

Joint compound.jpeg



Using a fine 220 grit sand paper, even out patched and surrounding areas to achieve smooth finish.

Finally to complete, prime again patched and surrounding areas and finish off with an interior paint of your choice.

As far as the adhesive strip flooring or Allure goes there are few great posts in our community that explains in detail and you can refer to.


Hope that helps and again please ask more questions.




Posted 2011-01-10T17:00:25+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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