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Lumber sizes, Cutting Accuratly!

I want to build a portable bar and have made my plans.  I have a question on the thickness of the plywood.  I need 60.0" x 42.0" nd I have found out it comes in many thinknesses.  I need 1/2" and I was told that the real size is 15/32".  Now someone said it has other thinknesses in 1/2".  Is this something to worry about as my plans are designed for 15/32 and any other would mean changing other sizes in the plans.  Any help will be appreciated.  Also Can Home Depot cut ACCURATLY  to size?  Also what is Lauan?
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Posted 2017-02-06T04:46:22+0000  by CSIGUY CSIGUY
Yes, most plywood today is sold as a "nominal" size and is actually about 1/32" thinner, just like a 2x4 isn't 2" by 4".  You're best bet is to carefully measure your selected product and adjust your plans accordingly.

The saws at Home Depot (and all other home centers) are designed to rough cut lumber, mostly to allow folks to get it home more easily.  While there's nothing inherently "inaccurate" about the saws, much of the accuracy is a function of the operator (and condition of the saw).   You should plan on having the store trim it slightly oversized and then cutting it to it's finished dimension at home.  The other thing to consider is chip out, which is going to vary depending on the type of plywood, direction of the cut, the type of the blade, and wear on the blade.  Most of these saw are using more of a general purpose blade than an expensive blade designed specifically for plywood.

Lauan generally refers to a type of plywood made from a number of different species of trees that come from Southeast Asia.  It's sometimes called "Philippine mahogany" but is not related to true mahogany.  It's advantage is that it's relatively inexpensive but because it comes from different species, it's physical and working characteristics do vary as well as appearance.

Good luck with your project!
Posted 2017-02-06T10:53:57+0000  by Adam444
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