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Luxury vinyl tile installation questions

I have been reading on the internet to get information about flooring options. I really like the vinyl planks but many articles by flooring installers give the following warnings: do not place heavy objects such as kitchen cabinets or toilets on top of the vinyl floor because it prevents it from being able to expand and contract. In this forum I read  no such precaution. Which is correct?
My second question is in regRds to the caulk around permanent fixtures such as the bathtub or pipes. If you put caulking into the gap won't it effectively fill the gap and lock the planks into place, thus preventing them from expanding and contracting?
And lastly, what do you recommend I do in a house with concrete walls. There are no floorboards that could hide the gap. 
Should I consider another type of flooring, and if so, what kind? Thanks.
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Posted 2016-10-26T02:36:48+0000  by Mondeley Mondeley

Hello Mondeley and welcome to the Community.


You are correct.  You should not install kitchen cabinet and such on top of this type of flooring.  You should allow at least a 1/8” gap (1/4” is preferred) around the perimeter of the room or fixed objects.  I would not suggest using caulk around the entire perimeter of the room but up against a tub or toilet a flexible caulk has enough give, so it is okay.  Here is a link to the installation instructions for Allure Ultra flooring


Other floor types will require a gap around the perimeter, engineered, laminate, sheet vinyl to name a few.  The edges are usually covered by either wood base boards, quarter round or vinyl/rubber cove base.  The fact that you have cement walls should not limit you using these materials.  You could use an adhesive instead of nailing to install them.


I think it is important to do my research and consider whatever options are out there before I commit to any material for a job.  One way to do this is to use the information provide on the webs sites.


For example: To find specifications for any products on the Home Depot site. Left click on the photo of the product you are interested in at Home  Then detailed installation instructions and product specifications can be found by clicking on the word “specification” which is below the product’s photo.  You will find installations instructions and user guide to the right.  Read this over carefully to see if this is right for you.

To view a video of how to install this product, click on the smaller boxes with an arrow, located under the photo of this product, on the Home


Thank you for your inquiry.

Charlotte of the Home Depot Community

Posted 2016-10-27T13:19:29+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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