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MDF Custom-Cutting Price & Alternate Measurement System

How much will Home Depot charge to cut MDF, and will they use the Metric System if specified?
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Posted 2017-02-22T18:11:43+0000  by SgtMooshroom SgtMooshroom
Hello SgtMooshroom and welcome to the Community.

Home Depot will make basic  straight cuts on many materials, in order to assist customers to more easily transport material.  Usually they will make a few cuts at no charge.  Their saws are not set up to make curved or miter cuts. 
When you visit your local Home Depot, ask an associate for assistance.  They will work with you to try and find a solution for your cutting needs.

Thank you for your inquiry.


Posted 2017-02-23T14:05:03+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
Is this a Home Depot in the United States?  That's just too funny.  You want the employee, who has nothing else to do or any other customers to assist, to walk up to the tool department and find the one tape measure in the store with a metric scale?  Wouldn't it be more expedient for you to convert from metric to English and just give the employee those measurements?

You should understand, as Charlotte mentioned, the primary purpose of these saws is to cut sheet good down to more manageable sizes to be transported home.  They're not designed to, nor should the employees expected to provide "finished" dimensions.  For planning purposes, assume an accuracy of +/- 6mm. 
Posted 2017-02-23T21:55:55+0000  by Adam444
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